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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
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What is P mark?

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Our company manages the business related to sending out hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (over 100 mails), inside scales (over 2000 mails), and large scales (10000 or more). I will propose the business concerning the customer data input, management, and the direct mail sending out in the knowhow and always propose better service in customer's standpoint.

Please leave it to our company
if it is a delivered speed print on the same day.

If it is printed matter of "The direct mail the total is supported" direct mail, it is a Business Base Ltd..
スピード印刷 1枚 4円

I will reduce the direct mail and DM and the office expense and the labor cost in the cost.  (one color and printing in black and white)
The low-priced speed print is achieved by the price of 1/3 of the copy usually.

I will print the handbill, the document, the manual, the guide,
the postcard, and the envelope, etc. in the speed.

One color and printing in black and white of cost and short-term priority

(The delivery date is possible within one or two days.)

The charges listed be low are included form fee, the basic work fee and make up fee.(excluding tax)

Black and white Standard paper(55K) 
One side Both sides
The number of sheets
999 pieces from 0 pieces  1.000 pieces or more
3.000 pieces or more 999 pieces from 0 pieces 1.000 pieces or more 3.000 pieces or more
5 yen/piece
4 yen/piece
3 yen/piece 10 yen/piece 8 yen/piece 6 yen/piece
7 yen/piece 6 yen/piece 5 yen/piece 14 yen/piece 12 yen/piece 10 yen/piece
10 yen/piece 9 yen/piece 8 yen/piece 20 yen/piece 18 yen/piece 16 yen/piece

Above rates are prices including the basic work fee, the form fee, and makeup fee money.
Moreover, A4 and B5 become the same charges. (excluding tax)
It is impossible to print by the Risograf print more than the A4 size.

※It is the number of sheets from one sheet of manuscript.The price is one black color and one side print. The expansion or the reduction is possible from 50 to 200%. It separately costs the delivery charge for the delivery. 1.000 yen a piece(excluding tax)

The sending out agency of the direct mail.

(If it is 2000 or more, enclosing, sealing, the label pasting, and the bulk division
become free. It contributes to the clerical work expense reduction. )
We can deal with any data form.
It is possible to make data from Word・Excel・Illustrator・Photoshop etc.

◎ It corresponded to the color form of 12 all color.

Cherry blossoms Wacacsa Lemon Cream
Light blue Pink Clear blue Light green Light beige Light purple Orange
The color form becomes the price of the above-mentioned amount of money of +
one yen. The number of sheets of the order is from 500 pieces.

We will help the production such as postcards for the label and the reply of the

The arrangements matter such as making arrangements and the tool that coils round it is needed from the project of DM to execution and a lot of a lot of time needed for the charge post and the person in charge.

We often hear of the voice that time is not taken to enhancement and the examination of contents of DM while being chased at time from the client externals though you want to concentrate on sending contents.

I will help all processes from arrangements of the mail list to the production of related
printed matter in our company according to customer's needs.

What is the DM tool?(print manufacture concerning DM)
It becomes the print manufactures such as a postcard form print (output form), the questionnaire form, the greeting card, the service ticket, the member cards (Include it in the emboss encode), and PP envelopes for the envelope, the label (Include it in the output), and the reply.  
About the handling of the data of the direct mail
Our company, the Business Base Ltd. severely provide the handling of individual information concerning protection of individual information as a sending out agency enterprise of the direct mail. When the direct mail is sent out, it is safe if it is possible to leave it to the privacy mark recognition entrepreneur (The recognition number: A830238(01) title) and the Business Base Ltd..

Please ask us to estimate with the telephone and mail.
フリーダイアル・お問い合わせ一覧 Inquiry mail address

In addition, the shipping fee can be reduced. The print and the DM sending out fee are reduced.