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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
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What is P mark?

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Our company executes the business related to sending out the direct mail of
hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (over 100 mails), inside scales (over 2000 mails), and large scales (10000 or more). The clerical work outsourcing of the data input, the postcard print, the envelope print, the address print, he handbill print, the sending out agency, enclosing, sealing, packing, the stock control, the collection, the bulk division work, and the poster print, etc. that relate from the reduction in the mail charge and the reduction in the mail service charge of the direct mail by the knowhow is executed.
Especially, our service is effective to the parson who is incharge of doesn't have enough time.
I will propose the business concerning about various direct mails in the aspect and the standpoint of the client.

The cost in the direct mail is reduced.
P mark use permission entrepreneur
/Business base Ltd.
The business base Ltd. is executed as P mark recognition entrepreneur for necessary printed matter for the direct mail.

Print, booklet print, speed print, poster print, and questionnaire prints etc.
We deel with from a small 100 lots the direct mail.(over 100 lots)

We will propose it by the reduction in costs best price in the mail service and the mail charge.
◇ Enclosing and sticking address labels on.
◇ Setting up,novelty goods and sales promotion things, Checking, and setting along with it.        
◇ Totaling of campaign commodity.Temporary customer center(by the phone) .
◇ Packing work of seasonal commodity such as Christmas, Valentine, Mother's Day,
and Father's Day.
◇ The cutout filing is put on the paper prescribed about the article announced with    the magazine and the newspaper. (cutout filing)
◇  Deputize load receiving and sorting work and deputize sending out.

It informs of the ZIP code retrieval tool gadget.
Our company becomes indispensable on business the retrieval of the ZIP code in
the business accomplishment of the direct mail sending out agency.
Especially, the ZIP code of a hand-written questionnaire etc. being omitted increases in the
field of the data input.
Then, I will inform of the following "ZIP code retrieval gadget for iGoogle" in the business base Ltd. this time.


Please use it for a load decrease in the clerical work.
Please see the homepage of "ZIP code gadget" here in detail.

The business base Ltd. began the business of【 clipping filing work agency complete set 】.
clipping filing business
Details ⇒ Here

High-speed, full-color print

It waits and it very exists! To reflect the voice from the customer, and to send out the direct mail promptly, a long-awaited full-color printer of the velocity of the world was introduced.A full-color printer at the best speed in the world was introduced.

Our company can deal with all the processes concerning the direct mail, the print, sending out and data management.
We regard a protection of individual information is a most important matter.

The on-demand print that doesn't leave data easily is from a viewpoint of protection
of individual information to the main current in the print.

The business base Ltd. makes the achievement of the "One to One" marketing solution of the Japanese whole country.

High-speed, full-color print
Speed of the world. Both sides that print of color starts. Wide correspondence of postcard, envelope, and A4 size, and the one and of course A3 sizes. (B5、A4、B4、A3)

For instance...A4 size (one side 4C) page 100=2000 yen(excluding tax)

The business base Ltd. covers all the print business from the address print to the B0 poster.

If it is a direct mail of the secret postcard and the processing postcard to aim at protection of individual information, ask the business bases Ltd..

The full-color both sides print, leaflets print, the envelope print, the postcard print, printing the certificate of merit, and the bar code prin.

It is also possible to Scan & copy. The price is the same.

"We can not find design company that we asked it before... "
Please ask our company.It is possible to copy it with Scaning that improves reproducibility.

(A direct print, the address print, and the processing by the on-demand are the
best for the privacy protection.
"BB + mail" is original service of the business base Ltd..
It totals and all processes from the print to sending out are supported.

High-speed black and white (speed) print
If it is a high-speed black and white (speed) print, it is here!
Print of lithograph of great popularity!
I will reduce a useless cost when the direct mail is sent out the print fee and the copy fee.

Monochrome speed print
"Black and white (black and white) print is good enough because of only sentences" customer must use here.

※Olfis high-resolution print
※The one printed from data equally to the color like the so on in a monochrome
stage is possible.
Here please

Poster print of the shortest delivery date
Goods can be delivered on 2-3 day.

I will offer the B0 size for 6000 yen.
The poster print of the B0 size of the industry all-time low is here.
poster and advertisement

Other offered service

poster and advertisement
Enclosing, sealing,and label sticking labels on and bulk division of over 2000 mails are free.
I will deliver it to mail and the mail service according to the situation.

Will offer of the address data of various enterprise and stores in about
11 million whole country at a low price.
Please use it when you send out the direct mail.