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What is P mark?

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Our company and the business base Ltd. severely provide the handling of individual information concerning protection of individual information as a sending out agency enterprise of the direct mail. When the direct mail is sent out, it is safe to leave it to the privacy mark recognition entrepreneur (The recognition number: A830238(01) title) the business base Ltd..

What is the privacy mark system?

Registered trademark (service mark) privacy mark where use is admitted for entrepreneur who filled requirement constant for protection of individual information by foundation Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC). It might be called P mark for short.Giving was begun in April, 1998. There is an advantage that this mark can be used in a public place like its own pamphlet and the Web site, etc. , and safe handling of individual information can appeal to the society if acquisition is recognized. The entrepreneur of about 5,000 companies or more is acquiring the privacy mark now. (- Corporate domestic corporate number and about 4300.000 companies. Quotation from "White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises")

When P mark is acquired, the system of protection of individual information that suits JIS Q 15001 (claims postulated of the protection of individual information management system) that is JIS standard should be constructed and be operated.When individual information is acquired, this standard obtains the person in question's agreement, handles individual information within the range of the purpose of use, and manages individual information appropriately. Own individual information is provided from the person in question and having the mechanism responding to the claim on indication and the correction provide a claims postulated detailed in each phase of plan → execution → inspection (audit)→ review and the improvement (so-called PDCA) of the system of protection of individual information.These are severer than the obligation of the individual information handling entrepreneur provided in Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs to which all aspects were enforced in April, 2005.

After P mark is applied, a local investigation with an entry to the office is done after the documentary examination, and the adaptability to * JIS Q 15001 is judged. When the examination passing is safely done, the contract to permit the use of P mark (trademark right) between the examination passing entrepreneur and JIPDEC is concluded.

Two years the use period of P mark, and afterwards it is necessary
to receive the update examination and to pass, when use is hoped in addition.

* About application according to the JIS Q 15001 revision after May 18, 2006

It is assumption of application that protection of individual information management system (PMS) has been establishing it corresponding to 2006 versions JIS (JIS Q 15001:2006). The confirmation of the correspondence situation of PMS to 2006 versions JIS is necessary for the privacy mark secretariat. (* ..our company.. corresponded. )

Privacy mark recognition entrepreneur/recognition number: A830238(01) title
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