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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
Recognition number:A830292(01)号
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Our company executes the business related to sending out the direct mail of hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (100 pieces or more), inside scales (2000 pieces or more), and large scales (10000 pieces or more). The clerical work outsourcing of the data input, the postcard print, the envelope print, the address print, the handbill print, the sending out agency, enclosing, sealing, packing, the stock control, the collection, the bulk division work, the design, and the poster print, etc. that relate from the reduction in the mail charge and the reduction in the mail service charge to the direct mail by the knowhow is executed. Especially, our service is effective to the person in charge who doesn't have room at time. I will propose the business concerning various direct mails in the standpoint of the client.

1F 1-16-1 nakamurakita nerima-ku Tokyo 176-0023, JAPAN

  TEL.(Representative)03−5848−5955 FAX 03-5848-5956
  Toll-Free 0120-176-129
Representative Representative director   Yoshihiko Teshima
The capital 10,000,000yen
Activities ・Direct mail project and execution business
・Clipping・Filing business
・General promotion related to sales promotion
・General basil seed
・Natural sect beautification and whitening cosmetics limited liability partnership 
・Management, new business, and entrepreneur support business of environmental business etc.
・Manufacturing and sales task that researches chemical raw material
・Life insurance・Business of damage insurance recruitment
・All business that accompanying or relates to the above-mentioned business 
Main customer I am afraid that I cannot open general to the public by the confidentiality of information.

『Various unions・Secretariat・A lot of small and medium-sized enterprises』
『Various stores・Hair salon・Esthetics・Nail salon』
『Public organization・Government agency』
『It is a part of listed company in worldwide.』
『Foreign company』
『Foreign-affiliated retrieval company of world share NO1 』
『200 nationwide hospitals and specialist clinics』
『Dealings with Asian nations 』

To the quality and the protection of individual information of the product
I will be not related to the genre and the scale and always work by severe posture.
Dealings industry <Relation between government and municipal offices>
<University and miscellaneous school relation>
<Telecommunication relation >
<Related to game and amusement>
<Related to electronics system >
<Trading company relation>
<Insurance and financial relation>
<Wholesale and relation between sales>
<Medicine manufacture and relation between cosmetics>
<Medical treatment relation>
<Construction and real estate relation >
<Distribution relation>
<Publication and print relations>
<Various manufacturers>
<Apparel relation>
<Various services>
Adviser office Subaru licensed tax accountant corporation combination accounting
Dealings bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank In front of Nerima Station brnch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hikarigaoka branch  

【Exhibition・Qualification ・Member group】
Privacy mark recognition entrepreneur(December 19, 2006)
Tokyo tender for participation qualification receipt number 2001952800
Nerima the eastCorporation association(Corporation)
eco-white Limited Liability Partnership

- Guide to our company

Seibu Ikebukuro Line・Oedo Line・Yurakuchou Line=Nerima Station south exit 15 minutes on foot

[Address]   1F 1-16-1 nakamurakita nerima-ku Tokyo 176-0023, JAPAN
[Telephone number]  Representative:03−5848−5955
[Fax number]   03−5848−5956  


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