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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
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What is P mark?

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↓Contacting E-mail address↓
Inquiry mail address

Our company handles yearly over hundreds of advertising mailing services from small scales (100 or more), mid scales (over 2000 mails) and large scales (over 10000 mails). Eventually, we manage to control the cost down of postage costs, delivery costs and also handling , data inputs related to advertising mails, postcard printing,, envelope printing,, address labels, advertisement printing, delivering or postings, enclosing,, sealing, packaging, stock controlling or collecting, bulk dividing, public poster printing, etc. We recommend our services especially to any business people who are not able to manage their time. We propose our advertising operation from client’s point.



The World's Fastest Business Printing Machine Orphis Latest Model Orpheus GD Introduction!
Further better image quality, fast delivery possible!
For details click here ⇒ ◆

Established Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Hospitality Standards Certification 2016" Certification.
By visualizing quality of service for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, it is easier for business operators to grasp processes related to their own service provision, making service easier by improving services, and business operators' It is easy to receive good service.
The official website is here →◆

Information on special campaign to those who requested original design and printing simultaneously.
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We introduce business-based disaster prevention related event business.
You can see the latest disaster prevention information as well as announcement of event participation.
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Open direct mail special page!
I will send you DM cheaply even for 1 yen!
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High quality / low price speed printing! Risograph "3 yen copy" campaign in progress!
Offer at a special price per sheet "3 yen" on orders more than 1000 pieces of!
For more information ・ inquiries from here ⇒ ◆

Open a special page on internal job work!
We will accept requests for internal job work.
For details click here ⇒ ◆

Cash on delivery payment campaign in progress!
It is OK even if you send us your manuscripts, shipping materials, shipping materials by cash on request when you submit a direct mail case!
First time limited campaign! DM sending available at low price!
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Our DM business department "packing shipment.com"
Packing dispatch agency ・ DM enclosure dispatch agency ・ storage management ・ commodity packing ・ warehousing management etc. We support total logistics related work.
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Questionnaire Survey ・ Awareness Survey (Opinion Survey) ・ Kreperin Test Free Experience on!
It is an easy test that can be answered in a questionnaire form.
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The total support of the direct mail : possible to deal with from a small amount of the direct mail printing and sending.(over100lots).

【Easy retrieval concerning direct mail】
DM key words
Input, data management, print, and deputizing for mail sending 
It easily introduces the flow of our business. →

←A lot of DM key words here.
The secret of the reduction in costs of the direct mail is clerical work
outsourcing of office work.
Please retrieve the key word of the direct mail with google and Yahoo!Japan etc.
Our company is found without fail.
Flow of direct mail business
Input, output ⇒sticking address labels on⇒ address copying ⇒folding process⇒ enclosing and sealing ⇒sorting⇒stamp⇒ advertisement mail application agency ⇒sending out
The cost of the mail charge and the mail service of the direct mail will be reduced by Business Base.Ltd.
poster and advertisement
Even 100 pieces or less must come to consult decisively.

Costs reduced!

Your cost on advertising / direct mails will be reduced by Business Base.

Business Base handles,? as “P marked company”, any printings which are necessary in advertisement.

Postcard printing, advertisement printing, envelope printing, brochure printing, labels printing, quick printing, etc., we deal these operations from 100 mails, in small lots.
Even more, we propose your posting and delivery fees with best price, reduced costs.
This will reduce your operation time, so that you will be able to take your valuable time on your design works and layouts. Meanwhile, we will smoothly execute the mailing service.

“Total supporting on Advertising/ Direct mails” is our achievement.

*Enclosing and sealing address labels.
*Setting up and revising the merchandise used in sales promotion.
*Setting up temporary customer (telephone) center, preparing campaign goods.
*Packaging seasonal gifts such as Christmas, St. Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s day.
*Clipping and Filing from related articles in magazines or newspapers.
*Loading, receiving, delivering the packages on behalf.

It informs of the ZIP code retrieval tool gadget.
Our company becaome indispensable on business the retrieval of the ZIP code in
the business accomplishment of the direct mail sending out agency.
Especially, the ZIP code of a hand-written questionnaire etc. being omitted increases in the
field of the data input.
Then, I will inform of the following "ZIP code retrieval gadget for iGoogle" in the business base Ltd. this time.


Please use it for a load decrease in the clerical work.
Please see the homepage of "ZIP code gadget" here for detail.

We accept the data files of Exel, Word, PDF and Illustrator form.
Please begin reading from here, if you want to know about the data and manuscripts sending first.
We can also receive paper manuscripts.
Sending manuscripts to a printing office
Details ⇒ Here

High-speed, full-color print
Highest speed full color printer has been introduced! To send out the Advertising /Direct mails promptly, we have introduced the highest speed color printer in the world.

Business Base will cover all the procedures of Advertising/ Direct mail printing flow as Privacy marked company. We find protection of individual information as a primary matter through data management to sending out.

“On demand printing” which easily do not leave the data, begins to be the major system from the aspects of Individual information protection.

Business Base is making an achievement of “One to One” marketing solution in our country.
High-speed, full-color print

Quickest in the world, We started both side color print. With wide range of postcard size,envelope size, A4s, and even A3s (B5, A4, B4 and A3) sizes.
Full color A4=1 page (4C, 0C) will turn out only 20 yen.

For instance A4 size (one side 4C)page 100 = 2000 JPY (tax excluded)!

Business Base will take care of from address labeling to B0 posters.

Ask Business Base for any sealing / protection postcard (to cover any private information), or processing postcard.

We handle full-color both side print, envelope printing, postcard printing, certificate printing, individual name printing, and barcode printing.

Scan & Copy is also available!! Price is the same!
Don’t worry if you lost your last advertisement design, we can scan and copy and represent it.

We can help with school magazines, too!

(A direct print, the address print, and the processing by the on-demand are the
best for the privacy protection.
"BB + mail" is original service of the business base Ltd..
It totals and all processes from the print to sending out are supported.

High-speed black and white (speed) print
If it is a high-speed black and white (speed) print, it is here!
Print of lithograph of great popularity!
I will reduce a useless cost when the direct mail is sent out the print fee and the copy fee.

Monochrome speed print
"Black and white (black and white) print is good enough because of only sentences" customer must use here.

※Olfis high-resolution print
※The one printed from data equally to the color like the so on in a monochrome
stage is possible.
Here please

Poster print of the shortest delivery date
Goods can be delivered on 2-3 day.

I will offer the B0 size for 6000 yen.
The poster print of the B0 size of the industry all-time low is here.
poster and advertisement

Other offered service

poster and advertisement
Enclosing, sealing,and label sticking labels on and bulk division of over 2000 mails are free.
I will deliver it to mail and the mail service according to the situation.

Will offer of the address data of various enterprise and stores in about
11 million whole country at a low price.
Please use it when you send out the direct mail.


?We, Business Base stand as “Information should be helpful and should not be complicated”.
Advertisement is probably the biggest information that consumer faces. We question this and consider that “Advertisement” should truly be the most profitable information to the consumers. Mostly advertisements are on seller’s side, and less information is declared to the consumer’s side, and also from financial reason, companies or stores looses the opportunity to advertise, and only the lucky rich companies or stores are able to advertise.

We hope to improve this situation from consumer’s point, and deliver only information which consumer truly requests, through their offered shape. Additionally, to differentiate our strategy from others, we wish to provide “Real-time profitable information” through not only by paper media but also through Internet or cellular phone in area of “Fusion in digital and analog among IT age”, needless to say, the strong region of our company.


    Business base Ltd.
Representative director Yoshihiko Teshima

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