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Our company manages the business related to sending out hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (From 100 pieces), inside scales (From 2000 pieces), and large scales (10000 pieces or more). I will propose the business concerning the customer data input, management, and the direct mail sending out in the knowhow and always propose better service in customer's standpoint.
◆Input preparation◆ イメージ
◆Form input◆
◆Delivery of goods◆

◆Data input agency◆

Postcard・List of names・Input of data of questionnaire etc.

@Verify input(The match processing is done twice. )
 When accuracy or more is pursued.(※Repetition deletion)

 ex. Various customer data

■Direct mail address data(Document request・Bulletin magazine・Regular issue thing・Bill etc.)
■Campaign secretariat・Match data of various seminar attendance seats etc.
■Total・Data to analyze it.

ANomal input(Proofreadings of screen confirmation, list output or repetition deletion, etc. once. )
 ex. Application, prize, lot, and those, etc. who come event about various campaigns etc.
 Besides, the description type and the article manuscript, etc.

※It is assumed @ and A common matter and I will decide the action method at the time of an uncertain comprehension, an incomplete address, and the unfilling in, etc. by prior meeting.
(Platform dependent character making. It excludes it as an error. Input judgment etc. as it is. )
※Additionally, the processing and the total processing of data are done according to the demand and inquire, please.

◆Database architecture and management◆

I will recommend existing customer and potential customer's division and update data creations, etc. as an effective use method of data.
Moreover, re-use by digging up the sleeping data is also effective.
The system that exists in the demand (needs) such as One-to-one Marketing can be constructed (format making), and data register (match).
The delivery of goods like a list, an analysis table, an address label, various document
creations, and maintenance (update and cleaning), etc. is also possible.
Making to bar code about direct mail etc.

It is possible to correspond also to ..inset in.. print (on-demand print) etc.

◆Direct mail sending out◆

I will execute it as a proxy to enclosing, sealing, the mail discount
processing, and sending out.
I will propose the delivery method settled with minimum budget according to the
content of the customer's sending out.

Case of use of direct mail of Web system

■Guide direct mail when customer etc. when customer data (house list) is used up on the Internet
 (Sales promotion)
■Direct mail as counter measure of stagnation of number of accesses ■The commodity and the campaign are notified by the direct mail, and application is received by Web and the cellular phone.(Acceptance of sales) ■Various seminars and briefing are notified by the direct mail, and it applies with
Web and the cellular phone. (Mobilization receipt)