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If it is a direct mail, it is the business base Ltd. of safety and results.
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Our company executes the business related to sending out the direct mail of
hundreds of matters during year such as a small scale (over 100 mails), inside scales (over 2000 mails), and large scales (10000 or more). The clerical work outsourcing of the data input, the postcard print, the envelope print, the address print, he handbill print, the sending out agency, enclosing, sealing, packing, the stock control, the collection, the bulk division work, and the poster print, etc. that relate from the reduction in the mail charge and the reduction in the mail service charge of the direct mail by the knowhow is executed.
Especially, our service is effective to the parson who is incharge of doesn't have enough time.
I will propose the business concerning about various direct mails in the aspect and the standpoint of the client.

The business base Ltd. collects and uses individual information as following purpose.  
After it wins consent beforehand, it does when using it for other purposes.
Sorry to trouble you, but please inquire after it agrees to following "Handling of individual information".

"Handling of individual information"

※After you agree to the above-mentioned rule of holding, the where to make contact list is displayed.


For more infomation of individual infomation policy of our Business Base is here.
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