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Protection of individual information policy

Enactment on April 1, 2004
Revision on May 1, 2008

Business Base Ltd.
Representative director Yoshihiko Teshima

The business base Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said our company) takes care of a lot of individual information as an enterprise that executes the sending out agency and the mailing service as a proxy.
It is recognized as an important, social mission to handle these individual information importantly,
and to protect an individual right profit.
Importance and the risk measures of protection of individual information locate it with an important matter of company activities.
The standard of our company is a protection rule voluntarily by hanging our company as follows for appropriate protection of individual information. The system to practice it is established. It is declared firm protection and the system of management are established in the business accomplishment of our company.

  1. About acquisition, use, and the offer, etc. of individual information

@When individual information is acquired, the purpose of use is clearly specified as much as possible. In a necessary limit for the accomplishing objective, it is legal and it acquires it by fair means.
AWhen individual information is used, it limits it within the range of the purpose of use that is specified, notified or made public to the person in question. It lectures on measures because of no use outside the purpose in contradiction to it.
BIndividual information is done and when the offer or the handling is consigned to the third party, this is done to legal within the range of the purpose of use that the person in question gave agreement.

  1. About the execution of measures for safety

To secure the accuracy of individual information and the safety of the use, the safety precaution including the information security measures is constructed. It tries to prevent for unlawful computer access, the leaking of private information, the downfall or damage, etc. to individual information adequate and to correct security.

  1. About proper correspondence to the complaint

When the right of the person in question to whom individual information was offered is esteemed, and the stop of disclosing self-information, the correction, the deletion or use or the offer etc. are requested by the person in question, it responds to this and proper correspondence is done to legal for the complaint from the person in question.

  1. About the observance of the law, the indicator, and the standard

The indicator that the law and the country concerning the handling of individual information provide and other standards are observed for the achievement of proper protection of individual information.

  1. About the continual improvement of the protection of individual information management system

The operation situation of the protection of individual information management system is regularly audited, it is maintained, it improves continuously, and the improvement of the protection level of individual information is aimed at.

Inquiry of individual information

Business Base Ltd. Charge of protection of individual information Kazuo Yamazaki
TEL:03-5848-5955  FAX:03-5848-5956
e-mail : info@businessbass.jp